Why Thailand? The answer is simple. It’s a magical place with the perfect balmy weather, delicious food and steeped in rich culture! With summer at our doorstep and December holidays around the corner, I thought I would share a little dreamy travel inspiration.

Exploring this magical place is something I would recommend to anyone that is not sure of where to have the next adventure. When I think about what I love most, I get caught between the food, the people and of course, the ocean. So to assist with my wanderlust I thought I would put together a few images to inspire travel, to help you fall in love. Like they say, buy the ticket and go get the tan.

Did you know that there is a Thailand Tourism office located in Johannesburg? Don’t think only beaches (Phuket), as there is so much more to Thailand. So if you need info or digital brochures etc, be sure to contact them or better still follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

I would also like to give a big thank you to Singapore Airlines for flying me to this dream destination.

Written by Melissa Deport – The Truffle Journal